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Welcome to SlashBoot dot org. Articles on the site are grouped into categories, which will be near the top of the page somewhere, depending on which site theme you are using. Within each category, you will find the articles pertaining to that topic. In case you were wondering, the name SlashBoot is connected to the old Linux convention of having boot time files like the kernel, in the /boot folder on the root of your hard disk. So it's all to do with the beginning of a Unix-like experience.

The core subjects of the site are concerning Unix-like operating systems, mainly OpenBSD which is my own choice. However, standards compliant web development and peripheral issues, such as security, are also featured to some degree. Feel free to contribute by posting comments and as more features become available to visitors, join in the discussion through whatever means are at your disposal.

These are the ten most recent articles published on the site. They are from various categories and published on various dates. They are listed in descending date order, from newest to oldest and only include the first part of any multi-part articles.

These are the most popular articles according to the site's logging system, going from most popular at the top. This chart is compiled, on demand, from log entries over the last 14 days.

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    These are the ten most common complete search engine queries that bring vistiors here. Only unique visitor / search query combinations are considered in the calculations, so if the same visitor comes here several times, via the same search engine result set, that query is only counted once.

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      These are the top ten individual words used in search engine queries that bring visitors here. The same rules used in the Top Search Engine Queries, applies to these calculations. There are often similarities between these results and those for complete queries, but some variations and words that don't appear in the complete query list are commonplace.

      Misc stats

      Webserver uptime:
      48 weeks, 1 day, 19 hours, 23 minutes and 37 seconds.

      Database uptime:
      2 hours, 5 minutes and 51 seconds.

      About these stats

      The statistics on this page are calculated on demand and can cover logged entries over periods between 24 hours and 28 days (configurable in the system admin interface). Search engine stats only involve the fleets of Google and MSN search engine domains from around the world, as these are the most common search engines to bring people here.

      Where is used in the search queries, such as or queries to Google's cached pages, those terms are omitted from the analysis. Care is taken to ensure that only unique data per unique visitor, is used in the analysis and calculations.

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